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Eli Field

and the

Monticello Model Masters


The Monticello Model Masters (M3) organization was established to manage Eli Field located in Monticello Illinois. Eli Field is an RC facility designed to promote radio controlled modeling to RC enthusiasts all over the world and to gain the interest of the general public. The M3 organization is dedicated to providing a fair organization that is directed by its Board of Directors, managed by its Officers, and enjoyed by its Members.



 The Monticello Model Masters fosters positive recreation through the hobby and sport of radio control modeling. We will promote good will with our neighbors and local community by offering a safe family friendly environment for all to enjoy.



 Through the genuine spirit of the M3 organization and the faith and generosity of the Stephens family, Eli Field will thrive on promoting radio control modeling at one of the most recognized modeling facilities with fun and enjoyment for all that visit.


Who are The Monticello Model Masters?

M3 was actually conceived way back in the early 1980's and founded as the Monticello Model "Makers." AMA Charter # 1131.


Why "Eli Field?"

Eli Stephens is the husband of late Modine and father of Joanne, Larry and Rick.


In 1948, Eli left everything and everyone he knew in Russell Springs, Kentucky to move to Central Illinois in search of a better life for his family. He found it in Monticello. 37 years later, on a prayer and a promise from God, his son Rick took a similar risk and started Horizon Hobby, Inc. in July of 1985. Rick was joined a year later by his brother Larry who left a successful banking career to help lead Horizon. In the first few months of its existence, however, Horizon faced a grave challenge. Large dollar commitments had been made to manufacturers based on faith that the money would come through, but none had. As he always had done, Eli took a risk for his family and stepped up.

For most of their lives in Monticello Eli and Modine had been factory workers, so they didn't have much money to spare. Eli, however, did have a little in his company retirement plan and used some of that to give Horizon the jump start it needed to meet its commitments. That money, along with Larry and Rick mortgaging their homes to the max, was enough to get a credit line from the bank and Horizon was off to a bright future. Quite simply, if it hadn't been for Eli, there would be no Horizon Hobby today.

But this honor is not just because of the financial investment Eli made in the company that's behind this modeling facility. It is in recognition of a man with a servant's heart whose genuine kindness, infectious humor and love of life have made a positive difference in the lives of everyone lucky enough to call him father or friend.

We want Eli Field to carry that very spirit that Eli is so well known for. We want everyone who comes to Eli Field to enjoy meaningful relationships with others, and let loose with the joking and laughter, and most of all have fun. Eli Field is designed to extend Horizon's mission: to help people have fun with hobbies, not only in Central Illinois, but the world, through the national and international events that may be held here.

So...we hope you enjoy it. And as you do, remember that Eli, who has since returned to Kentucky, hopes you enjoy it too.

Current Club Officers

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